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your head I’m squishing it demotivational posters---whatever it is, it's adorable.


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*Slowly turns off music, walks to bedroom, turns off lights, doesn't make nose, and hopes the person just leaves.*

When my cats are home alone, if someone drives up and opens their car door, they get inside. They also leap into moving strollers (with babies inside). Who knows what they'd do if someone came to the door (sigh)

"You don't have to tell me, I'm sooo cute."

OH EM GEEE 🐧🐧😍 Penguin chick not really a Christmas bird at all. Puffins are really more the North Pole bird. Penguins are really more the South Pole Birds.

@Aarika Malca this is what i picture you looking like when you're ready for a good email story from me or bake

Funny pictures about Whatcha thinkin about? Oh, and cool pics about Whatcha thinkin about? Also, Whatcha thinkin about?


Cheese and Crackers. When you have the cheese, but not the crackers. I was cracka-lackin!

Move it, move it.

The Vegetarian or Vegan’s Guide to Navigating a BBQ

No Sir, I do not like to move it, move it. Someone please tell me what is this animal. Thank you, so this is a Lemur.

My two great non-human loves!... Cats and Naps!

I Can't get out of bed funny memes animals cats dog meme lol kitten funny quotes cute. humor funny animals - my reason for not jumping out of bed