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floating lantern festival in Chiang Mai (future family adventures) ☺

Top Hotels in Phuket, Thailand

The festival of Crikey, a celebration of the shortest night in the year Poznań, Poland. Each person or a group releases a lighted lantern into the sky at pm.

crazystupidyoungpelica:  Ce soir, contemplons les étoiles qui s’élèvent pour nous.De ton lit, admirons la voûte qui nous tient prisonniers.Dans la fumée, tentons de discerner ce qui se cache derrière toi.

Drop the craving for self, for permanence, for particular circumstances, and go straight ahead with the movement of life.

Cloud Series, by Carolyn Marks Blackwood

Gorgeous Non-Photoshopped Shots of Earth's Sky

last-baudelaire:    mirroir:    by Eleanor Hardwick    Reminds me of Wilde’s The Happy Prince

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BIRDS // Birds in flight. What a beautiful sky photo! I wonder how I can make a pattern like this.

Night time usually symbolizes calm and peace. In The Night Circus, I think thats what it symbolized at night everything was serenity. It also was used to depict some character's personalities. Like the circus performers, able to do all that magic and illusions.

32 Things You Wished You Would've Learned In School

Sometimes all you need is each other and the stars above you, give her a romantic necklace to make it a night she'll never forget.I love watching stars alone in night ❤❤

This is such a beautiful picture. I like cant even rn

Sky Lanterns

- One time use only - Cream color lantern - biodegradable material Sky Lanterns are can be described as miniature hot-air balloons. They have a small fuel source that slowly lifts the glowing sky

13 Ways To Be Incredibly Sexy (Even When You're Feeling Blah)

13 Ways To Be Incredibly Sexy (Even When You're Feeling Blah)

The ocean was the best place, of course. It was a feeling of freedom like no other, and yet a feeling of communion with all the other places and creatures the water touched.

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40 Things To Put On Your Summer 2014 Bucket List

All I want in life is to stargaze. And lots of other things, but mostly stargaze. Also, not during the winter months in Iowa. So mostly not stargazing, but still. I really like watching the stars.