Handmade Miniature Wood Fired Pizza by Shay Aaron, via Flickr

Handmade Miniature Wood Fired Pizza Topped with extra mozzarella, salami slices and olives.

Roast goose with blood oranges graces a Christmas day feast made by Caroline McFarlane-Watts as featured in the Dec12 issue of Dolls House and Miniature Scene. www.dollshousemag.co.uk

scale dollhouse miniature Christmas handmade by Caroline of Hummingbird Miniatures. Images copyright of Hummingbird Miniatures

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IGMA Artisan Homemade Baked Potatoes Au Gratin by Crown Jewel Miniatures

My tiny world: Dollhouse miniatures

Pizza is another favorite in my family, right after the spaghetti. The biggest challenge was to make the sticky cheese on the top of the piz.