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Easy ways to rid slugs and snails organically! When slugs and snails invade gardens they can certainly cause some real damage consuming up t.

british slugs [primarily arionidae]

british slugs - I'm not exactly sure which one of these my sister ate as a toddler, but it will be on this chart somewhere.

Snail Zoology Wall Chart design by Empirical Style

Snail Zoology Wall Chart

Chart measures in length and in width. Rods measure in width. These vintage style science wall chart featuring bold botanical illustrations are an incredible wall f

snails and slugs

The Biodiversity Heritage Library works collaboratively to make biodiversity literature openly available to the world as part of a global biodiversity community.

Know Your Silhouettes -- A Guide to Hawks Seen in North America

Hawk Migration Notes: New North American Hawk Silhouette Guide Available Free

Here are some great tips on to get rid of slugs. Good luck!

Get rid of slugs - spray leftover coffee, egg shells around plants. Also, a great idea is to use a bird bath near Hosta and other plants slugs like to feast on - Let those birds eat the slugs!

Black Slug; Limax Maximus or Spotted Brown Slug. (1809). Image ID: t000809

Snails and Slugs, Limax Maximus 1809 Original Engraving Print by Shaw & Griffith

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Oil and gas exploration in the Russian Far East continues to threaten whales, the International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting hears.

Einheimische Gartenvögel-Poster zum Bestimmen der Vögel in unserer Umgebung

Einheimische Gartenvögel-Poster zum Bestimmen der Vögel in unserer Umgebung

Snail home... Picture of Keeping Pet Snails @ Home

Keeping Pet Snails @ Home

Keeping Pet Garden Snails. Why do my boys always want to keep these guys as pets. They live as long as 5 years!