Artist Tory Hughes featured on The Polymer Arts magazine's blog

Tory Hughes is easily one of our community’s most important artists due not only to the quality of her work, but to her innovations both in the early days and now, the philosophies behind them, and the generous sharing of her techniques and ideas.

Tory Hughes moves beyond the brooch on PolymerClayDaily

At x x this multi-media piece from Santa Fe's Tory Hughes is no brooch. Skipping Over Winter Except the Solstice is a new work for the wall and it's a small scale sample of a new and even larger series. Tory's works are always fil [.

hughes_Seacliff-small1 by cynthia tinapple, via Flickr

Tory Hughes made this new necklace specifically to wear at last week's RAM gala. It's part of her new SeaCliff series using various techniques with the major elements pin-hinged together. Sea Cliff is a reference to an area of San Francisco tha [.