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Emma Frost with Ice Dragon by *daxiong on deviantART

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Cameron Hodge is about to kill Karma for attempting to take control of him, when Cannonball slams into him. He tells the rest of his teammates that they have to finish this off and get Karma out. Meanwhile, back at Utopia, Emma Frost determines that Rogue has neither a psychic nor empathic link between her and Hope Summers, which Rogue considers to be very strange. Cyclops judges it to be perfect timing, as she has to join up with Wolverine's team. As Ariel takes her, Cyclops confides in...

X-Men: Legacy Vol 1 235

Rogue (X-MEN) after she absorbed the power of Nightcrawler, Colossus, Angel, Psylocke and Wolverine.


Lantern Corps Rings with Oaths Rage(Red), COmpassion(Indigo), Hope(Blue), Fear(Yellow) and Willpower(Green)

X-men facts compilation

Seriously, though, Wanda and Pietro are a fantastic example of why we need a UNIFIED Marvel film universe. How can they be Magneto's children OR Avengers? smh P. i didn't know that about wolverine!