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Dance On Demand #infographic #streaming #music #socialmedia #in

Streaming music infographic: A look at the modern social music revolution.

If Social Media Were Drugs #LOL #funny #9gag

If Social Media Were Drugs

If social media were drugs what would your addiction be? A definitive guide to social drugs - infographic.

The Psychology of Color. I love my colorful walls

Psychology of Color [Infographic] - ever wonder why dining rooms tend to be red and kitchens yellow? This infographic explains the psychology beneath popular home paint color choices!

Pros and Cons of Social Media in Education.

Las redes sociales como herramienta en las universidades

Definitivamente no es un tema muy "polite" pero es una realidad y tú, ¿Cuántos sms, comentarios y posteos en redes sociales e e-mails has mandado desde el baño? Yo normalmente juego angry birds hahaha!

Toilet Texting...Ergh

Toilet Texting: Do You Have A Smartphone Addiction? Toilet Texting and You.

At this recommended dosage, Noopept is considered safe and non-toxic http://bestnootropic.org/noopept-dosage/ #attentionspanofasquirrel

Music and the brain. Why do we like Music, why does it help with mood control, coping skills & therapy


Infográficos fascinantes sobre a Internet

Your free guide to chemicals in cosmetics...  #skincare

Be informed. There is no government agency or any laws keeping toxic chemicals from any of our products. Fatal Attraction: Cosmetics and Chemicals [Infographic]

The history of radio #infographic

La historia de la radio #infografia #infographic


G+ Whether the network is thriving or not, this research from Umpf, a UK-based social media firm, shows that activity on G+ is low compared to other social networks.