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You never sausage love as at this family gathering. It's a backyard party, jamboree, and smorgasbord of fun. For all young readers who think their parents are corny, this book is a sherbet.  A girl tells her family's story in rhyme with humorous detail based on puns using the names of food.

You Never Sausage Love by Cleary, Brian P.

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"Don't Kill your Wife with Work.Let Electricity Do It!", Funny Vintage Advertising, Assume they didn't realize what they were saying.

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Because when I think of perfume I most definitely think of canned meat. Treet Canned Meat ad 1957

skinless wieners

the good fairy gave the children all sorts of good things to eat. SKINLESS WIENERS IN A BOX! The innuendos probably were not noticed at the time.

40 Hilarious Vintage STD Propaganda Posters from World War II

A World War II poster warning against the risks of venereal disease by use of images of supposedly "loose" women, all with a red motif of some kind, as well as a loaded gun. Venereal Disease Poster No.