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I like cats in reality. I generally avoid them on the internet, but really this is just too great.

How to make a snow cat from WikiHow Neko Lion and Snow Cat from Sweden LongCat SnowCat .

shiny fishies under wet stuffs-Tumblr

Dream Garden - - - -"Cats hate water only when it is dumped on them, as who wouldn't? Given the opportunity, they will fish diligently in the neighborhood fish ponds.


50 Cat Quotes That Only Feline Lovers Would Understand: Meow

Pretty kitty.

The Pioneer Woman write a beautiful entry about her two sweet cats! Love this picture of the kitty and the pearls!

A woman is being evicted with no prior warning because she's been feeding homeless cats in the area. The mobile home company would rather trap the cats and put them in kill shelters. Sign our petition to demand that this woman be allowed to stay in her home of 21 years.

Did you know that cats need to drink one ounce of water for every pound they weigh each day to stay hydrated? Thus, if your cat weighs


A Maine Coon is a large breed of cat, not just referring to its voluptuous fur but its body mass, too. The Maine Coon lifespan is hardly any.


Cats: Gracing households since 2000 BC. Adopt a cat to grace your household!