Stephanie Mencimer:Heroism serves the cause, and there is much of Kahlo's life that is not heroic. Many of her surgeries may have been unnecessary. Even Herrera notes, "If Frida's physical problems had been as grave as she made out, she would never have been able to translate them into art.

Frida Kahlo - Self-Portrait with Bed, also called Me and My Doll - 1937 - Jacques and Natasha Gelman Collection of Modern and Contemporary Mexican Art

“I used to think I was the strangest person in the world but then I thought there are so many people in the world, there must be someone just like me who feels bizarre and flawed in the same ways I do. I would imagine her, and imagine that she must be out there thinking of me, too. Well, I hope that if you are out there and read this and know that, yes, it’s true I’m here, and I’m just as strange as you.”  - Frida Kahlo

The Two Fridas (Las dos Fridas) by Frida Kahlo, This painting, and many of Frida’s self portraits express the duality she felt at having European and Mexican heritage. Oil on canvas, 67 x 67

Frida Kahlo stretched canvas print  by DavidFloresArte on Etsy, $ 50.00

Frida Kahlo Print :: The Original painting was inspired by the outfit the high class women used to wear when mexico was an Empire, the dead tree the end of that era. the calla lily on her hand and the little painting on the wall are symbol of hope.

Frida khalo

"Me and My Parrots" by Frida Kahlo, photo c/o Banco de Diego Rivera & Frida Kahlo Museums Trust

Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) was een Mexicaanse surrealistische kunstschilder. ... Kahlo's moeder liet spiegels aan haar ziekbed vastmaken zodat Kahlo zichzelf kon schilderen. Ondanks de hinder van korsetten en krukken kwam ze na haar herstel weer buiten en zocht ze vrienden op. Zij overleed in 1954. Ze liet een briefje achter met de tekst 'Ik hoop dat het einde vrolijk is en hoop nooit meer terug te keren'. Zij schildert vanuit haar angst en eenzaamheid om haar pijn te overmeesteren.

Frida Khalo at work on The Two Fridas. Painted in 1939 at the time of her divorce from Diego, The Two Fridas is believed to be an expression of Frida's feelings at the time. This double self-portrait was the first large-scale work painted by Frida.

Frida Kahlo: A Life in Photos

Frida Kahlo: A Life in Photos

With the art world in the midst of Frida fever, we look back at some of the most iconic photographs of the artist through the years.


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