Seven fox species photographed in their natural environment -- Pictured: the arctic fox as photographed by William Doran

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Get #Ready to Say Aww: #Animals in Snow ...

The mischievous short-tailed weasel, often referred to as the stoat, is an adorable looking creature that happens to undergo a change during the winter

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I'll Give Him Whatever He Wants

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Baby Fox - this photo seems magical - like from a fairy tale

12+ Baby Foxes That Are Too Cute To Be True

National Geographic Photo Of The Day Internet Favorites 2015 Kit Friendly, Estonia Fotografía de Kalmer Lehepuu.


15 Photos That Will Make You Fall in Love with the Adorable Ermine - My Modern Met

a gift to the eyes Ermine..Keep fur farming is a crime against nature & a human soul

The animal is called an ermine specifically during the winter when its coat is pure white to match the snow around it. During the spring and summer, its coat turns a reddish brown color and is called a stoat.

National Geographic began Photo of the Day in 2009 to share remarkable stories from images. To commemorate the end of 2015, this iconic publication used social media to evaluate the most ...

National Geographic, Photographed by Stefano Unterthiner in Gran Paradiso National Park, Italy

Kit Friendly  Photograph by Kalmer Lehepuu, National Geographic Your Shot  Emerging from its den in southern Estonia, a fox kit appears to weigh the presence of Your Shot member Kalmer Lehepuu’s camera lens. The photographer had waited for the kits to grow big enough to start leaving the den, and it was on one beautiful evening, he writes, that the mother went to get food and left the kits on their own, letting Lehepuu sneak closer to observe them.  Lehepuu’s photo was recently featured in…

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