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Here's a thought - donate that 10% to scientific organizations. Score for humanity!

Here's a thought - donate that to scientific organizations. Score for humanity!

Atheist view of Christians. Does this describe you? Something we need to change as individuals and as the Church.

Atheism, Religion, Prayer, God is Imaginary. I'll pray for you. "I want the best for you as long as it takes no effort on my behalf.

I just laughed so hard when I saw this! LMAO It just HAD to be pinned! Thanks to Michelle for finding this. :D Made my day! :D

The funny thing is I do give credit to libraries for starting me on my path to atheism

If there was a god, he'd be a real piece of shit for the things he has done and allowed.

~written on a cell wall by a Jewish prisoner in Mauthausen Concentration Camp, Auschwitz

Who does? Oh, freethinkers! It's uncomfortable but I love when facts and new information rock my understanding of something I'd thought was true.

"I don't like having the idiocy and hypocrisy of my pathetic Bronze Age cult pointed out to me.

Mrs Betty Bowers

ilustrative photoshopped pic but nevertheless : Thanking God for sparing you in a natural disaster is a bit like sending a thank-you note to a serial killer for stabbing the family next door.

Yes, Attempt To Recruit Christian Workers Violates State And Federal Law

Yes, Attempt To Recruit Christian Workers Violates State And Federal Law. I'd much rather work with Atheists (reasonable, thinking people) than militant christians who don't even want to interact with non-believers

#awkwaaard 7 bible verses that leaveyou wondering about this supposed moral compass.

7 Shocking Bible Verses You Probably Won't Hear In Church

Don't disobey God or He'll make you eat your kids.


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I AM anti-religion as well, but that is more complicated. It's thanks to seeing what religion and belief do to the world, and to people...It's a constant nightmare, and it's one I hope will end. I wish I could be alive to see the day ALL religion is treated the same way as Greek and Norse Mythology...

That's all atheism is. Stop trying to make up stories about atheists in order to deal with the discomfort you feel hearing truth that is contrary to your deeply ingrained mythology.

...I'm not really religious...sorry... lol.

we can only imagine what Romney's write off for his tithing is.because he won't disclose his tax records.

There is so much stupid going on in this one picture that I am completely at a loss for words.

I can't believe people believe this crap!