I knew the 101 Dalmatians one but those other ones, I had no idea about the others. I absolutely love it lol

I just love this ♥

"Here, look at this one -- this is a photo taken the day the boys met. They were taking a little walk together to get to know one another. Well, that just hit me in the heart.

22 Tumblr Posts To Remind You That Harry Potter Fans Are Hilarious

After seven boks, eight movies, and fourten years of enjoyment, the Hary Poter fandom shows no signs of becoming any les popular. There is no beter prof of that fact t.

This is really hilarious.

The cast of Harry Potter discussing their favorite lines. Oh George. I literally can't stop laughing at George's. "morning," *harry and ginny turn to stare at him wide eyed,*

Evanna Lynch fangirling over Daniel Radcliffe. Love her!!

Evanna Lynch is just like every fangirl in the world.Words cannot describe how much I love Evanna Lynch.

Omg this is so true XDXDXD

Snape wasn't a villain. Second. I absolutely HATE Bellatrix LeStrange but I also hate umbridge a tad