i just love topiaries ...

I could see having a largish topiary or other low-maintenance house plant in the living room

Hummingbird006: Photo

Gardening Autumn - Love the green glass and hanging metal bucket - With the arrival of rains and falling temperatures autumn is a perfect opportunity to make new plantations

For when I tidy up the front door.It's important to give importance to a front door as has been done here with those lollipop standards in terracotta pots.

Colorful from Chile

dried chili peppers and calbolt blue bench. Seen this style in New Mexico love the look

Using crates to stack herb garden.

Repurposed Crates, Baskets and Zinc Containers - this is a pretty way to display flowers and herbs on a porch and a great way to hide plastic pots.

House Plants for Decorating Table, Faux Topiary Table Plants at Restyle Source

topiary ~ these aren't real, but they wouldn't mind if you went on a long vacation

Falling for the Fiddleleaf Fig

Falling for the Fiddleleaf Fig

Ficus lyrata, the fiddle leaf fig, offers wavy green leaves shaped somewhat like a fiddle. It is also among the best plants for cleaning indoor air


Stone patio terrace at French chateau with stone balustrades, blue shutters, lamps, metal furniture.

pretty plants...live plants are important in what I think of as an hygge decor.

There was a tragic lack of green space in their first apartment, but thanks to Louise's green thumb they had potted plants on every available surface

Decoración floral para un aire fresco en el hogar

I could finally have lavender indoors! Lavender topiaries in galvanized buckets, lovely distressed green table, Rustic Farmhouse