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【文化漫步】中國古代女子髮型20圖 新唐人電視台(手機版)

【文化漫步】中國古代女子髮型20圖 新唐人電視台(手機版)

【文化漫步】中國古代女子髮型20圖 新唐人電視台(手機版)

【文化漫步】中國古代女子髮型20圖 新唐人電視台(手機版)


Life of Empress Dowager Cixi - Visit Haidian! – Your Official City Guide

Pearls in chinese history

A Phoenix Crown adorning a Song Dynasty Empress (from a Song portrait painting)

Standing female attendant, Tang dynasty (618–907), late 7th–early 8th century, China

Standing Female Attendant Period: Tang dynasty Date: late century Culture: China Medium: Wood with pigments

Hanfu - Tang Dynasty

by Zhao Guo Jing & Wang Mei Fang 赵国经王美芳工笔仕女画, Chinese Painting…

Historical Reconstruction: a lady of the Han Dynasty China (206 BC–220 AD), hanfu revival 陈先生的复古照相馆

A reconstruction of the makeup, hair, and clothing of the Tang dynasty. The long skirt (qun) tying above the chest was one of the signature traits of Tang’s fashion. The model wears a mark on her forehead called hua-dian

Song Dynasty woman costume

15 Pictures of Traditional Chinese Clothes in Song and Tang Dynasties

【文化漫步】中國古代女子髮型20圖 新唐人電視台(手機版)

【文化漫步】中國古代女子髮型20圖 新唐人電視台(手機版)