Tekkonkikreet Art Book - White Side © Shinji Kimura

"Tekkon Kinkreet" directed by Michael Arias, Shinji Kimura (the art director) and staff, adapted from a manga series "Black and White" by Taiyō Matsumoto.


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Discover the colorful art of Chong FeiGiap, a Malaysian artist, co-founder of Running Snail Studio.

Taipei Upper Tier by Alessandro Rossi

Taipei Upper Tier by Alessandro Rossi

Various Cover Arts by Marc Simonetti

This is the cover art for "The Crown Conspiracy" by Michael J Sullivan. The Crown Conspiracy, MJ Sullivan


"Time" by Lithuanian artist ©Gediminas Pranckevicius, Used as an album cover: "The Midsummer Station" by Owl City.

Ocean City by Wang Canazei http://www.zcool.com.cn/work/ZMTM3ODQ3Mg==/1.html …

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Crescent Street from Guild Wars Nightfall

Fantastic Concept Art by Daniel Dociu this is another piece that uses one point perspective and i also like the way he has done the light and shading in the picture.