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Come visit my Tennessee and you just might be saying "ya'll" on your way home! It's catching!

Ya'll can be one or more, but what do I know I'm a YANKEE. lol, but my man is full of southern charm y'all!

No, you really don't

what bugs me about folks imitating the "south" is when people from the south imitate others from the south.you want to sound more like a hillbilly?it's not funny.

Sometimes I see someone's pins & I think we could TOTALLY be friends.

Inspirational Quotes: I think this ALL of the time! Top Inspirational Quotes Quote Description I think this ALL of the time!

Speak Texan y'all

Southern Grammar Lesson: "Y'all" is singlular". "All y'all" is plural. "All y'all's" is plural possesive.

Greenville blog

Specifically to South Carolina or Florida !this one is for SC, but if you take the crescent sun out and leave the palm tree, you will have Florida!

You know you are a Texan when....

Clothes for folks who live in a Texas state of mind. Printed and shipped from deep in the heart of Texas, these clothes are tough, just like our great state.

God gave you loving people... So true for me right now!!!

This is so true! Tonight I have a very heavy heart for a special family. Life is way to short love your friends, family, and let go of the things that don't matter

For sure! :)

Life is Better in Flip Flops Beach Sign . Our Flip Flop Beach Signs are made in the USA.

Local Lisa in BARCELONA

Women Are Angels. And When Someone Breaks Our Wings, We Simply Continue To Fly On A Broomstick We’re Flexible Like That ~ Clever Quotes

motherhood humor... This is so true. I feel excited to go to the grocery store ALONE these days!

i never thought grocery shopping would be a vacation but, alone, it is! I remember those days however I really don't like visiting the grocery store


Dag-nabbitt, if I told you once I told you a hunderd times, y'all don't have the sense God gave a cotton boll. You're outta your cotton pickin mind.

The creek beside your childhood home that always flooded...

A Great Old Southern Saying. Been around a long time.but still applies.the creeks do rise round this part of the country and when that happens, the Good Lord is not gonna let you get anywhere. Love the country sayings.


Friends are like Boobs. Friends are like Boobs. Friends are like Boobs.