Pawel Kopczynski A flock of migrating cranes fly in front of the moon ...

Moon with a grey sky background and Migrating Geese at Linum (near Berlin) Germany, photo by Pawel Kopczynski

Central Park, New York

Floating down the autumn river, Central Park, New York, USA. (Photo by: Artem Portnoy)

I love that little face and those little hands!

oh, how this picture touches my I remember my two little ones taking this same precious pose when I would trickle warm water on them at bath time.then they would laugh their sweet baby laugh. Memories, warm, lovely, and beautiful!

sunrise over Mount Rundle, Banff National Park, Alberta Canada. Probably the best sunrise or sunset light I have ever seen. Banff, 2006.

"NOVEMBER SEVENTEEN" Banff National Park, Alberta by Marc Adamus An amazing sunrise light show outside Banff in the Canadian Rockies. Probably the most intense sunrise or sunset light I've ever seen in nature.

Incredible Hurricane Sandy #photograph taken vie helicopter by Iwan Baan: The City and the Storm

Baan The City in the Storm, poster to benefit Hurricane Sandy relief efforts

Oh how I love the colors of fall | A1 Pictures

A river in the middle of a forest with trees in fall colors. This place looks likes a nice place to spend a afternoon fishing in God's beauty. Nature lovers of the world would like to spend time here.

Cairo, Egypt. Was not able to see this.

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Autumn Reflections by Nathan Brisk. this was shot in Harriman state park, New York.