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Sochi: miliardario russo costruisce un rifugi Così spiega Sonya Turpyetkina, la veterinaria responsabile delle operazioni del neonato canile: Non vedete cosa sta succedendo qui a Sochi? Continuo a trovare esche avvelenate. Tutto questo è ripugnante, i cani muoiono fra dolori orribili.o per cani

The Olympic Games are currently taking place in Russia. Read about the storied history of Olympic gold right now at Provident Metals.

Does Jesus Want Us to Support Same-Sex “Marriage”? | Chastity.com

Judge Says Constitution Is Above God While Quashing Gay Marriage Ban

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Excellent piece by our friend Matt Kaskavitch about the echo-chamber created by personalized newsfeed algorithms -- and the ugliness, divisiveness, and lack of understanding that follows. This is why Lauren advocates for the deliberate and conscious use of social media to SEE others and experience the world through their eyes. The internet gives us the ability to increase our awareness, understanding, and empathy, but we must choose to use it that way.

Is the internet echo chamber driving America’s political divisions?

My op-ed featured in the Denver Post. We humans tend to be comfortable around those who share our core beliefs. So we often cocoon ourselves in this soothing echo chamber of like-mindedness.

Physical Therapy Gift Keychain DPT PT PTA by ThatKindaGirl on Etsy

Physical Therapy Gift Keychain DPT PT PTA by ThatKindaGirl on Etsy

"This is the first time that NBC has allowed Olympics content to appear on platforms other than its own." ---- Digital spaces are always evolving, but this shows how organizations are embracing fresher social media platforms. Are you or your company on Snapchat? How do you feel about the trending medium?

NBCUniversal and Snapchat ink historic Olympics deal

Expert says Christians give more to charity's than Liberals and Atheists

The federal government's estimation of the national debt isn't even close.