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The remains of the SS Ayrfield in Homebush Bay, Australia. This ship has been grounded in the bay so long that a forest has grown up in it.

Abandoned Amusement Park, Chernobyl, Ukraine

Pripyat funfair was due to be opened on May The Chernobyl disaster happened April No one ever managed to ride the ferris wheel. It remains one of the most irradiated parts of Pripyat since the disaster, making it still dangerous today, 22 years on.

Thirty abandoned churches from around the world | Gadling.com

The is an abandoned church in Kingswood Bristol.K A very spooky place and very scary at night, I wouldnt go there after dark alone. fittings removed at time of inspection.

Сдаётся дом для одинокого романтика...

Сдаётся дом для одинокого романтика...

Kalavantin Durg near Panvel, India - 30 Abandoned Places that Look Truly Beautiful. Kalavantin durg is situated aside the prabalgad,the pinnacle is in clouds during rains half of the time. The base village for the climb is Prabalmachi. A majestic trek and awesome place to visit during monsoon.

11 Kalavantin Durg near Panvel India 33 Beautiful But Scary Abandoned Places In The World