papercutting by myriam dion

Armed with a scalpel and latest edition of Le Devoir or the International Harold Tribune, Canadian artist Myriam Dion cuts rich textural .

. of paper and things .: ceramics | jeanne opgenhaffen


jeanne opgenhaffen - white porcelain, wall art piece mounted on perspex

Myriam Dion papercut page

Myriam Dion papercut page - Cape Cod Times - Intricate Newspaper Papercuts by Myriam Dion

Beautiful detailed papercut art—Certain Place (archival paper)—by Emma van Leest❣

Paper Art: 10 talented and inspiring artists

Emma van Leest is a paper artist from Australia. In her series Before the First Rain Emma uses only white paper cut outs in on an orange background. Emma finds her inspiration for the cut-outs in Chinese architecture and botanical prints.

The Worst Decor Trend From The Year You Were Born.

The Worst Decor Trend From The Year You Were Born

Textile Design   and  Designer`s Platform:  Newspaper Pages Cut Like Embroidered Lace by Myri...

Myriam Dion papercuts details - Intricate Newspaper Papercuts by Myriam Dion

myriam dion

Paper Lace curtains of daily newspapers by Canadian artist Myriam Dion

map mountains. louis reith.    mountains made from maps.

An entry from

Think of all the fun stuff you can make with old maps. (Map mountains by Louis Reith)

Myriam Dion - art made from newspaper

Canadian artist Myriam Dion cut images with talent. Using a scalpel, this student at the University of Quebec puts to harmony and uniqueness to her work of cut lace newspapers.