"That cold winter's night, beneath the star's light ... ... a Little One came for the world."  With beautiful illustrations by Jason Cockcroft.

One of my very favorite "true meaning of Christmas" books. Room for a Little One: A Christmas Tale: Martin Waddell, Jason Cockcroft:

An Earth Child's Book of the Year by Marian Louise Camden Available in paperback.  PURCHASE  through CreateSpace.com

An Earth Child's Book of Verse by Marian Louise Camden at the FriesenPress Bookstore

Why Christmas Trees aren't Perfect

Coffee Filter Christmas Tree

Tierney and Mallory

That explains why I have gotten underwear for xmas since I was a little kid. Last year, I had to have a "For Xmas - Don't Get Me ." and underwear was top of the list haha

Christmas Reindeer: Everything You Need To Know About The History of Santa’s Reindeer | Fun Facts About Holiday by Pioneer Settler at http://pioneersettler.com/santas-reindeer-everything-need-know-history-christmas-reindeer/

Christmas Reindeer: Everything You Need To Know About The History of Santa's Reindeer

12 Great Ideas for Family Day

free several different sheets Creative Glitter: Christmas Time.....

Free Christmas Printables--absolutely gorgeous--I Want to print and use all of them in cardst and scrapbooking.

17 of the best holiday movies ever to watch on Christmas Eve

The Best Holiday Movies to Watch This Season

This is a beautiful way to bring Santa and Christ together. A must read and free printable to bring the real meaning of christmas and Santa together!

Santa and Christ …Poem and a Christmas Tradition

It’s time to read true meaning of Christmas poem 2017 and inspirational Christmas poems 2017 which are the best Christmas poems that will give you something

The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey by Susan Wojciechowski, Patrick James Lynch (Illustrator). Christmas books for kids.

The Christmas miracle of Jonathan Toomey by Susan Wojciechowski (Candlweick The widow McDowell and her seven-year-old son Thomas ask the gruff Jonathan Toomey, the best wood-carver in the valley, to carve the figures for a Christmas creche.