House in Ballarat by Moloney Architects

House in Ballarat by Moloney Architects

Webster St House is a contemporary single family residence located in Ballarat, Australia. It was recently renovated by architecture and interior design studio Moloney Architects.

Bredeney House by Alexander Brenner Architects – casalibrary

Alexander Brenner Architects designed Bredeney House, a contemporary residence located in Essen, Germany and completed in “The Bredeney House with its generous driveway in an open, semi-publi…

Canadian studio Scott & Scott Architects updated a...

Image 11 of 15 from gallery of North Vancouver House / Scott & Scott Architects. Courtesy of Scott & Scott Architects

Williamstown Beach by Steve Domoney Architecture (10)

Williamstown Beach by Steve Domoney Architecture

Image 6 of 21 from gallery of Williamstown Beach / Steve Domoney Architecture. Photograph by Derek Swalwell

White & Wood: Webster St House by Moloney Architects

Even spacious houses can feel cramped and lived-in after a few years of accumulating clutter.

House in Ballarat by Moloney Architects

House in Ballarat by Moloney Architects

A view from the light-filled extension showing the study and kitchen, looking down the glazed linkway toward the existing dwelling.

Light and shadow get an equal billing inside E House by Hannat Architects

E House in Japan by Hannat Architects embraces light and shadow

Crisp, white staircase contained between two dark timber walls. This family house in northern Japan by Hannat Architects was designed to embrace darkness as well as light.

Puccio House by WMR Arquitectos

Hallway with white wood panelling. Puccio House by WMR Arquitectos. Photo by Sergio Pirrone. in Entryway and hallway

Scotts High Park - Singapore - Interiors - SCDA

SCDA is a multi-disciplinary architectural practice led by Principal Soo K. Our work strives for tranquility and calmness, qualified by space, light and structural order.