Pop Up Geometric Origami

pop up card.looks like you fold a paper in half for base. Cut two spirals. Glue down the outer edge, extend the centers and connect the centers in the middle. could display vert/horiznt

Popup Tardis card tutorial

Amazing Pop-up Tardis!!!

$ Mini-enveloppes Kraft papier enveloppe par sugarbsupplies

Kraft Paper Envelopes-Mini Envelope Embellishment-Perfect for travel scrapbook pages-DIY Envelopes-From Japan-Italy . cute way to make your own envelopes and decorate them before you assemble and send them out!

Libros Pop-Up Books Cards: mecanismo de Rueda Giratoria

These wonderful pop-up illustrations are by Portland-based designer Mengyu "Jenny" Chen. Chen is developing the pop-ups for a comic book project entitled "

Libros Pop-Up Books Cards: Como hacer

Pop-Up Design and Paper Mechanics: How to Make Folding Paper Sculpture

Cyndi's Stamping Blog

The Art, The Process, and a Story: Tutorial - Envelope Punch Board File Folder Album

Distress Ink Technique With Tutorial - (Click To See The Finished Card Created With This Technique!)

Use a wavy template, varying shades of same color, and apply the most ink neat the edge of the template. Great for note card & greeting cards and journal pages.