You can increase dresser space by rolling your shirts.

New York City organizer Barbara Reich discovered that she could get about a third more T-shirts in a drawer with a fold-and-roll technique. But the best part is that this method keeps logos, patterns, or labels displayed

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How to Organize Your Dresser: Divide by Four -- If you’re unsure how best to split a small drawer, default to equal quadrants. Then sort by style or color—whichever makes it easier to spot, say, that one pair of undies you need for those white jeans.

Recycle old drawers by adding some wheels and use them for under-the-bed rolling storage. ‪#‎DIYstorage‬ (Photo source unavailable) What do you think of this idea?

recycle old drawers into under-bed rolling storage Awesome idea! If I find a free dresser I'm so doing this!

99UHeart Organizing: A Delightfully Organized Desk

100 UHeart Organizing: A Delightfully Organized Desk

Home office/desk organization inspiration! I want some of those acrylic organizers, and pretty wrapping paper for underneath. do that in kitchen drawers, too! IHeart Organizing: UHeart Organizing: A Delightfully Organized Desk

30 ways to eliminate clutter/although I'm so cluttered even my Pinterest is cluttered so we'll s if this can help me

Clever Ways to Eliminate Clutter Idea Box by Adventures in Decorating

30 ways to eliminate if I could just get off Pintrest long enough to implement some of this advice, I'd be in great shape! Does it count that I REALLY want to eliminate clutter?

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Under Bed Storage Drawers on Wheels. Use old drawers with wheels on the bottom to create under the bed storage.

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I mu do this our sock drawers are out of control! The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking: {OrganizedHome} Day Sock Drawer 101 (a.How to Fold your Scivvies)

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Here& my A through Z home storage solutions guide with over 60 ideas you can use in your home starting today.

Kitchen storage

Kitchen ideas Sideways storage- all those casserole dishes! AND baking pans too! - Use tension rods

Manilla file folders have nothing on this pristine color-coded set. Finding important papers barely requires reading labels — just a glance toward the right color to find exactly what you need fast.See more at A Bowl Full of Lemons »

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LOVE the color of the basket and other items on top of the great filing system. Get control of the paper piles, once and for all. with this easy tutorial on Paper Organization by A Bowl Full of Lemons

Let Shelf Scouter help you organize your local and online shopping! Have more time to spend on your New Years resolutions!

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Rolling office cart -

Office on Wheels: 8 Great-Looking Mobile Workstations

Rolling Office Cart - Paperwork and office supplies on a rolling wire cart lets you relocate to wherever the action is, so can join the family, watch TV, or even sit outside.

This is SUCH an inspiring post! If you need motivation to declutter today, be sure to check it out...

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How I Purged of Our Stuff This is SUCH an inspiring post! If you need motivation to declutter today, be sure to check it out.