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ARMATA ROSSA - "Field medic Mariya Borovichenko, Battle of Kursk;" July 1943 - Christa Hook.

We tend to forget how horrific World War II was for the Soviet Union. Here’s a fascinating collection of Soviet War paintings.

New York: Tenement family in the kitchen c1915.

New York: Tenement family in the kitchen 1915 We have no 1915 family in the slums of new york

Need some ideas and inspiration for your preschool classes? Check out this post: A peak inside preschool

Hi All, Today I'm going to share some videos that are a peak inside how Gymnastics World does preschool classes. I'm always looking at how other gyms do

Practical advice for when you're tempted to throw in the towel because the spiritual attack seems too great.

How to Survive a Spiritual Landmine

Suddenly the day that was going so well, the life that was on track, falls to pieces. You've stepped on a spiritual landmine. Now you're in survival mode.How to Survive a Spiritual Landmine

25 New Men's Hairstyles To Get Right Now! http://www.menshairstyletrends.com/25-new-mens-hairstyles/

25 New Men's Hairstyles To Get Right Now!

Check out these new men's hairstyles created by the best barbers and hairdressers worldwide for you to try out and get a whole new look!

from my vintage Dick & Jane bk illustrated by Eleanor Campbell

Mother at sewing machine by in pastel, My mom had a singer machine from the in a cabinet! She made clothes for my sister and me. It was also the machine on which I learned to sew.

The Slow Death of Vintage Skills? Are they really on their way out? We need to preserve them!

Vintage skills - are they all but lost? But they are certainly sick and needing a revival. We can do this by mentoring and being mentored.

1900, Woman Talking On Hand Crank Oak Telephone. Job description: that would be early Girl Friday.  She's checking with the boss to see what else he needs to be done.

Woman talking on a public hand crank oak telephone, U. I had no idea they had public phones outside at such an early time that they were hand crank! And out in what looks like a village or suburb of sorts.

TIPS TO MAKING THE RIGHT DECISIONS AT THE GROCERY STORE. I know *I* always look like this when I go grocery shopping.

'I love that there was a time when going out for the day in your pajamas and slippers was not socially acceptable.it still is not socially acceptable.

Champagne and Wellington Boots

Vintage divas in hot pants! I wore my hot pants with matching tunic tops ~ I remember, specifically, a red and white striped outfit, and also an orange outfit with embroidered trim.