Looks Like A Man Who Has Seen Alot! Not only that but a Man with determination and will power to destroy what white man came and destroyed of there's! Not anger, Man with a mission!

Charlie Wilpoken - Nez Perce – 1905

Nez Perce named Charlie Wilpoken with spotted horse, Colville Indian Reservation, Washington, ca. :: American Indians of the Pacific Northwest -- Image Portion

Geronimo - Chiricahua Apache - no date.

Geronimo, an important Apache Native American leader who rose to celebrity status. His many cunning escapes from Indian reservations and the failure of Mexican and American soldiers to capture him and his 39 warriors gave him a permanent place in history.

remaining section of Trail of Tears  at Village Creek State Park, Arkansas

Trail of Tears: It was the Cherokee Removal Route by American settlers that pushed an entire tribe West of the Mississippi River. An estimated 2500 to 6000 died during that movement.

jpg: Cherokee Chief of the Oconostota's remains were uncovered during the archaeological digs around the site of Chota for the Tellico Reservoir impoundment. His burial site was at the front door of the Chota Council House.