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The Savage Dragon by Erik Larsen, Image Comics.

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BATMAN BEYOND #7...........!!!!

Batman beyond #7

The sun rises on a new day in BATMAN BEYOND! With the threat of Brother Eye finally gone, Tim Drake is a man lost in time and without a mission. But now that he finally has the opportunity to explore

I drew Erik Larsen’s Savage Dragon! You gotta respect Erik Larsen for committing to Savage Dragon in a way that none of the other first generation Image creators could commit to their creations.

dustinweaver: “I’ve payed homage to the 7 Image Comics founders with a series of sketches. Rob Liefeld’s Youngblood Jim Lee’s WildC.S Todd McFarlane’s Spawn Erik Larsen’s Savage Dragon Jim Valentino’s ShadowHawk Marc Silvestri’s Cyberforce Whilce.