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"Even in our own world, sometimes we are aliens." This and other nuggets of wisdom can be found on this great Star Trek poster! Ships fast via Warp Factor 6 :) 11x17 inches. Boldly Go and check out th

Star Trek All I Need to Know About Life Poster 11x17

Star Trek: All I need to know about life I learned from Star Trek.

Evoluția uniformelor Star Trek

Boldly Dress How No One Has Dressed Before: Star Trek Uniforms [Infographic]

A very insightful woman. Now, look what her influence has produced. Thanks Lucy. :)

Lucille Ball champions the original Star Trek

Live Long and Prosper with this stellar Star Trek poster! The Tao of Spock - great quotes from your favorite Starfleet Vulcan. Fully licensed - 2015. Ships fast

Star Trek Tao of Spock Poster 24x36

Live Long and Prosper with this stellar Star Trek poster! The Tao of Spock - great quotes from your favorite Starfleet Vulcan.

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Spock do me a favour.

Mirror, Mirror

10 Things You Didn't Know About Star Trek's "Mirror, Mirror" Visual Loop ( add Community to the list!

Star Trek Tropes poster — Information is Beautiful Awards

Release Day Today the Star Trek Duty Roster poster is released. It was a long time coming and it.

22 Insane Stats That Change How You See Fictional Universes

Ah, but how many times did Uhura say "hailing frequencies open, sir" in an episode? (Seven. I'm pretty sure it was the Corbomite Maneuver.)

A Star Trek Infographic AKA The Numbers of How This Show Ruined My Life. An infographic I did for a uni assignment, researched by sitting down in front of the box set and keeping tally marks.

Avengers Iron Man Captain America Hulk painted flower pot set Marvel Superheroes

Funny pictures about Star Trek random facts. Oh, and cool pics about Star Trek random facts. Also, Star Trek random facts.

Star Trek is Just Space Fantasy

Star Trek Is Just Space fantasy

TNG through the years

The Geek Twins: "Star Trek: The Next Generation" 1987 vs.

Understanding starship headings

Relative Bearing: Flight vector specified as an azimuth/elevation relative to the ship's orientation is straight ahead).

You never forget your first doctor!

Dr Leonard "Bones" McCoy -- now there was a REAL doctor

Star Trek (TV Series 1966–1969)  Mom still loves this show.  These are her 3 fav characters, especially Mr, Spok!

Star Trek (TV Series If this was not a picture of Kirk, Spock and Bones, it'd be an awkward family photo!

Star Trek (1966–1969) ~ TV Series Quotes Poster by Stephen Poon #amusementphile

Spock Inspired Quote Poster for Leonard Nimoy by outnerdme