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"'There are many kinds of love, aren't there?' she continued, turning one cup on top of the other. 'I don't think I'm fated to ever have a passionate love like they write stories about. And I'm not really interested in pining. But maybe... maybe I could do a selfless love.'" (XXVIII. Genius)

Paloma Wool: Collection No. 1 on Miss Moss · Barcelona based Paloma Lanna just launched Paloma Wool, in which her interests in fashion and analog photography…

In a matter of what seemed like less than an hour, everything had fallen apart.

This one was in a cell marked 'human error' I approached the glass and the person was curled up in a ball right in the corner, no skin on show, completely hidden from the outside world.

Vintage Test Tube Lab Stand | Bella Lulu Vintage | Etsy

spice stand collab with ceramics and jewelry - test tubes out of ceramics with an ornament on top of herb inside cast in silvery by jewelry department OR glass tube with forged metal topper w rubber rings to air seal it