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The Walking Dead Season 4 Behind the Scenes Photos - Danai Gurira (Michonne) in Episode 16 Photo by Gene Page/AMC

This is why zombie movies terrify me to no end... I'm always afraid if it actually happened in real life.

Originally posted at The Nerds of Color I don’t mean the zombie survivors. I mean the zombies. Ironically, The Walking Dead is pretty racially diverse compared to other zombie movies in the genre.

The Walking Dead Season 4

In The Walking Dead, Tyreese (Chad Coleman) possesses an incredible strength that helps him overpower zombie hoards with just his hammer.


The ‘Walking Dead’ Brain-Dead Move of the Week: Sam.: The ‘Walking Dead’ Brain-Dead Move of the Week: Sam I Am (Going to…

'The Walking Dead' sneak peek for 'Dead Weight' reveals midseason finale details

Time jumps: Starting right at the beginning of the premiere on October The Walking Dead will feature time jumps in season six

The Governor (David Morrissey), Meghan Chambler (Meyrick Murphy), Lilly Chambler (Audrey Marie Anderson), Tara Chambler (Allana Masterson) and Alisha (Juliana Harkavay) and in Episode 7 of The Walking Dead

The Governor (David Morrissey), Meghan (Meyrick Murphy), Lilly (Audrey Marie Anderson), Tara (Alana Masterson) and Alisha (Juliana Harkavay) - The Walking Dead _ Season Episode 7

The Walking Dead // Daryl and his crossbow

The amount of happiness I got out of this scene, I must have watched it 20 times by now, I just keep rewinding and loving how happy Daryl is for once, just so much happiness

The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 16 - Morgan (Lennie James) to the rescue!


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