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German Spitzbuben cookies

Spitzbuben is a traditional German cookie. Mix up the recipe by using different flavors of jam or preserves.

Ukranian Christmas - Strawberry Jam Kolaches

Strawberry Jam Kolaches

love these cookies im from chicago and were known for a little poilsh food yummy.Jam Kolaches or Polish Cookies C butter, softened 1 sm package ( cream cheese, softened 1 C flour C strawberry (or other) jam C confectioner's sugar


Great-Grandma’s spritzgebäck (German butter cookies)

These delicious cookies have been made by the women in my family for generations and are still a part of our annual Christmas baking. (go here for metric to imperial conversion) 250 g butter 250 g …


Bavarian Christmas

I think this is the first time I've looked at traditional foods from the home of my ancestors and felt really EXCITED.

German butter cookies are good throughout the year but of course make also an ideal Christmas cookie. They are very easy to make.

German Butter Cookies:German butter cookies are great German cookies for the beginning home baker. You will love them as Christmas cookies, just keep them in a tin box at a cool place.

German Sour Cream Twist Cookies

German Sour Cream Twist Cookies

German Sour Cream Twists ~ Christmas Cookie from Germany made with yeast. I have always found it fun to try recipes that have come to us from across the Big Pond.