I just found out this two hanged out together last night. Seriously I'm dying from the inside for not going to New York last night. Tom Holland

You see Ansel Elgort and Tom Holland. And I see Spider-Man and a great choice for playing Human Torch.

Tom Holland and Chris Hemsworth... Thor and Spider-Man together.!

Tom Holland will reportedly appear as Spider-Man during the epic battle finale in "Captain America: Civil War.


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i was conflicted here bc like he looks like a whiny teen "no but mooooom" but at the same time i was like BUT YOU ARE THE BEST PETER AAaaaa


Wrapped on Avengers Infinity War! And on their way to Montreal to start shooting for his new movie 'Chaos Walking'

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Spider-Man's (tom holland) reaction to an actual spider crawling on his hand. He's actually TERRIFIED of them!