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The tail gunner had to crawl through a tunnel (under the tail stabilizer) and lay prone on his belly for the entire mission. The space was the size of the open end of a rubbish barrel!

B-17 flying with his little friends.

B-17 flying with his little friends.

Messerschmitt Bf 109E-3

FlightAware Aviation Photos: Uploaded by user MoonM Messerschmitt Bf Emil, inair at KPAE

How low can you go.

Beautiful Warbirds — Some great low level passes by a variety of.

Skype credit gen 3.2 working

Skype credit gen 3.2 working

Http://k06.kn3.net/7D4FDED01.png. Interesante colección de imágenes de aviones en vuelo rasante. Espero que os gusten. Http://k36.kn3.net/5CF2A1E0A.png. Http://k36.kn3.net/5CF2A1E0A.png. Http://k36.kn3.net/5CF2A1E0A.png....

En vuelo rasante

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