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Super Why

Best Android Apps for Kids

We love Super Why. Only it still cracks me up that his "super power" is reading. No one wants to mention that HE CAN FLY?

I-Spy bottle to keep busy in the car for hours

Summer Service Project Ideas for Kids

What a great idea. Make your own I SPY game with a VOSS water bottle. You fill it with rice and drop in little things to hide and then make a list of everything in the bottle for the kiddos to find. This is a great travel activity.

PBS Kids - wow... so much flash I'm going to have a seizure! photos of main characters for kids to click for different shows' pages.  top shows set apart, bigger, at top. other links for videos or games.  But omg the flash!

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Ranger Rick - free games

Find lots of fun activities and animal information for kids with Ranger Rick and Ranger Rick Jr at National Wildlife Federation.