Bon Voyage fun Great idea - punch a hole in your club cards and put them all on a ring.

All you need for a vintage travel. Tell us your stories about your travels. Get inspired, always in an industrial style. #vintage #industrial #travel |  See more excellent decor tips here:

Craig Clement :: recreation of a Tim Walker photograph for Italian Vogue / luggage / suitcases / loaded / luggage

Het is zo fijn als je naar een vakantiehuis gaat! alles is daar al aanwezig dus alleen je favoriete outfits en boeken gaan mee! #vakantie #vakantiehuizen

lets go traveling. destination: anywhere trip duration: infinitely traveling companions: my best friend my best friend forever

A little chat on packing up your life on my blog today..

Changing Your Life - Packing and Unpacking

Changing Your Life - Packing and Unpacking - Carla Coulson

Stylish way to travel [Find. Shop. Discover.]

My first car! Love every little thing about this pic. Polka dots, stripes, road map, and most of all the orang 2002 with blue and gold Cali plate!

Trippy, Psychedelic

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Elliot Erwitt (b. vintage photograph of blonde woman bending over at magazine stand with small dog on leash.


Ah, the romance of travel. In my head, I'm always Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. Here are my tips for travelling light with style.