Chronic illness cat

[Image: blue colored background with a Siamese cat. Top text reads: “Struggle to accept I have an illness.” Bottom text reads: “Chronic Illness Cat helps by posting illness”] I struggled for.

chronic illness cat -

What It's Like To Have A Fear Of Talking On The Phone

chronic illness cat - omg this is me every night my heating pad is my friend!

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Seriously.  Please believe me.  Feeling like crap & hurting all the time is my new normal.  That's really depressing and I'll never get used to it.  -K10

this is what its like when feeling like crap turn into feeling normal - Web Medical Dictionary

Need strong Painkillers to function daily - Cannot function because Painkillers Too Strong --  ah, cancer, you are a bastard.

Most of the time I am polite to everyone (I am a patient nice person), but on my worst days, it takes some major effort. The good news is, the exhaustion makes it easy to just sigh & walk away.