Fate/Stay night , illyasviel von Einzbern y Beserker-Hercules

Un flujo de Fotones : Photo

fragileblackgirl: circuitfry: functional jet-propulsion swimming robot legs aqua-cyborg *deep inhale* I’m just thinking about the leaps and bounds this could mean for disabled folks.



Nyanyan - Otaku do Ataku! Ooo Tokyo Ghul

I ship Kaneki with basically everyone, but it's mostly Hide/Kaneki, Ayato/Kaneki, and Touka/Kaneki

fate-grand-order-merlin-cape-white-hair-smiling-flower.jpg (1080×1920)

fate-grand-order-merlin-cape-white-hair-smiling-flower.jpg (1080×1920)


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Emiya Shiro & Archer | Fate/stay night #972439 #anime

Fate/Stay Night : Unlimited blade works - Archer said this

Fate/Zero, Fate/strange fake, & Fate/hollow ataraxia

Fate / Zero ~ Masters and Servants