Ambulando Discimus

I love ballroom dancing. So beautiful to watch, great bonding activity--there's nothing like partner dancing even with someone you don't know.

"Não há tempo que volte, amor, vamos viver tudo que há pra viver. Vamos nos permitir"

Trash the dress photo shoot . but be careful to jump into shallow water . wedding dresses are VERY heavy when wet!

Будь нежной но дерзкой среди всех этих базарных баб...цветок должен иметь своеобразную защиту чтобы выжить  в каменных джунглях...

Applying Ballet To Daily Tasks

See this image of Washington Heights, NYC - Tenealle Farragher in Jordan Matter's upcoming book: Dancers Among Us - in bookstores this fall!


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