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Jitendar M. Joy

TIME going at different speeds. feeling like your on your own plannet or that the world has fallen appart or the apocalypse has happened Brilliant Digital Illustrations by

Dragon Street art

Bucharest, The Hobbit, street marketing. Smaug, the fierce dragon in “The Hobbit”, art installation in Bucharest Unirii Square to mark the launch on 13 December of the film “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug “on the big screen in Romania.

Smaug, I love this sketch

The Hobbit - Smaug Portrait by DanielGovar. Can anybody else hear the voice of Benedict?

The Hobbit

Realm of dragons Everything is sourced — dailydragons: Smaug by Collette J Ellis (website.

Also a cool idea to encompass my love of Edgar Allen Poe

A dragon turning into birds! Black raven dragon tattoo design by Alvia Alcedo - very Game of Thrones -esque.

Kili. Yes, I put this on my Beautiful Things board. Yes I meant to. Look at that face...beautiful...

Kili by artist Agnieszka Aegileif Czylok. this is beautiful