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Bombay Pink Cockscomb Seeds

Cockscomb Bombay Pink is a crested Celosia from seed with ribbony pink blooms; very early and long-lasting fresh or dried.

Wax Flowers

This is a filler flower, not a main flower. Each bloom is about of the size of a dime.

Anemone Violet Flower Seeds (Anemone Pulsatilla Vulgaris) 25+Seeds

Pasque Flower (Anemone Pulsatilla Vulgaris Violet ) - A hardy and easy-to-grow plant from flower seeds, Pasque Flower blooms come in shades of light violet with yellow stamens. Use as a single specime

Celosia Cristata Placemat Collection. L 49 x W 38 cm

L 49 x W 38 cm

Succulent A. potatorum

potatorum" Agave Plants - Sunset Only 2 feet in diameter, this beauty is petite enough for any garden. Blue-gray leaves with reddish spine tips. Attractive in pots.

P.S. I love this...: March 2008

I adore how exotic and delicate looking, yet hardy, the flower is. But I've discovered so many flowers.