Fruit Yogurt Designed by Mika Kañive

[Transparency] Fruit Yogurt Designed by Mika Kañive. The clear packaging shows off the fruit and yogurt inside, unlike conventional fruit yoghurt. It gives consumer an impression that the fruits are fresher with their straight forwardness.

Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling (Design By Akira Isogawa)

Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling

The label shows the 14 most "popular" scary scenarios satisfying any taste: from rather predictable natural disasters to those absolutely fantastic. Despite that the humanity has been discussing the end of the world for millennia, we plan to celebrate this "last" New Year's Eve to the fullest, following our own unforgettable scenario. Happy New Last Year to you as well... and if you know where I can get a bottle of this... let me know.

STUDIOIN's 2012 Apocalypse Wine

Another fun design. I think the title could have been placed a little better, perhaps on the hand. It would be hard to see the title on the shelf.

Uma embalagem divertida

Superb idea, supermarket vegetable packaging helps you grow your own. The labels are embedded with seeds so you can start your own garden at home.

Vegetable Labels by Ben Huttly The twine is recyclable natural cotton, while the paper tabs are biodegradable as well, and made from the seeds of the food to which they’re attached.