Watching the Muggleborns watch Quidditch is my favorite thing to do start of the year.

Coming out of the cupboard (phrase) - When you announce to the world that you are a wizard.

Pahahaha XD words cannot describe how happy this makes me. I hereby come out of the cupboard. We should have a coming out of the cupboard pride day. Wands and cloaks at the ready.

STEM in Harry Potter - Picmia

Muggle classes may be closer to the wizardry world than most people usually think. Here is an infographic that links Hogwarts classes to their potential real life equivalents.

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Quidditch is the only sport that matters. I think about this all the time! I'd actually watch or listen to sports if it were quidditch.

I never received my acceptance letter to Hogwarts so I'm leaving The Shire to become a Jedi

Pursue your dreams

i never received my acceptance letter to hogwarts so I'm leaving the Shire to become a Jedi Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter Mash-up on Etsy by duvdesigns

Speaking like a true Potterhead

If you can't get someone out of your head, you need to practice your occlumency.

Harry Potter

"PLEASE tell me you heard that in Wood's voice." uhhh yes. And now I'm having a flashback of freaking hot sean biggerstaff. Great real name and character name (Oliver Wood)

Words are the most inexhastible source of magic we have

"Words, in my humble opinion, are the most inexhaustible source of magic we have." Dumbledore Capital B: Free Printables