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I've been called rebellious, wrong, a black sheep, different. Because I refuse to be what everyone else is. I stand by my beliefs.


My personal plea to all people that i converse with. Don't always agree with me. Enlighten me. Of course, if you know you don't make sense then put down your ego and agree.

Which is why it is so important to recognize and accept the truth for what it really is.

Oh Draper. "People will show you who they are but we ignore it." Don Draper (Jon Hamm)


"Beware the barrenness of a busy life". Make changes to live a full life instead of a busy life.

The black sheep of the family.. But they probably don't even wonder...

This will be my future never being around my family like tonight my sister asked to use my phone to call my other sister and it turns out theyre having a "sister night" and i just said glad to know im not your sister never invited always the blavk sheep

We are not meant to stay wounded.

Caroline Myss- We are not meant to stay wounded. By remaining stuck in the power of our wounds, we block our own transformation.

Worth it.

Anyone that encourages intellectual, emotional, artistic or spiritual growth is worth keeping. Don't let them go. to remember

… Travel. ✈️ My question for you guys was, where to was the last vacation you took?

I love traveling with my great travel buddy. We have fun anytime we are together, especially when we are able to travel and explore new places with one another.

Guard your time, it is precious

"Guard your time fiercely, be generous with it, but be intentional about it." // A guest post for Artifact Uprising by David Duchemin