S’mores Macaroons - The macaron portion is made with crushed graham crackers, the filling is of course a toasted marshmallow and to finish things off the tops are dipped in chocolate.

"The most comprehensive macaron tutorial and troubleshooting guide I've ever seen!"

Macaron 101 : French Meringue Have been wanting to try a real french macaroon for years, maybe now I will just make them.


Get Your Mac On

I love a rainbow of bright colors co-habiting like these Parisian macarons that seem more like an oeuvre d'art than a delish dessert, but that's okay, why choose a purpose?

Morango macarons

Strawberry Tea Party by Little Big Company Strawberry macarons: not a recipe but totally fun ideas for decorations!

Chocolate Macarons + Coffee Buttercream

Chocolate Macarons + Coffee Buttercream (Dust Jacket)

Make with nutella filling instead of coffee. "chocolate macarons with coffee buttercream! probably the best macaron recipe i've ever seen. love the tips for getting the best cookie shell possible.

New year macaroons

I have a new found liking for Macarons, they are in my top favorite desserts now. I can make a Macaron cake.s this is my favorite shade of green

Pink Hello Kitty Macaroons! BWAH! I love these!!!! :DD

Rhubarb Hello Kitty Macaroons by I 3 Baking. These look so pretty, what a great idea for my nieces bday along with some Hello Kitty cake balls.

Snowman macaroons

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