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Harry Potter Disney and Dreamworks how to train your dragon Jack Frost rise of the guardians tangled disney princess Rapunzel brave princess merida<< OMIGOSH! Look at Dumbledore in the back!

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RoTG: Guardian Until the End by ~hakuku on deviantART - Jack Frost and the life of Jamie Bennett. ahh the feelsss. Those aren't tears

Lie by Lime-Hael on DeviantArt

This is the first time I draw Merida! Elsa is in the Slytherin? Elsa ,Merida and Rapunzel (c) Disney Jack (c) Dreamworks

Probably the funniest picture I've seen of him in a looooong time.

<<<"You guys left the gifts, right?" The coin laundry scene was my favorite part

If bunnymund did look like this hmm . . . xD Bunnymund and Jack Frost by *Hanacchi7 on deviantART

Bunnymund and Jack Frost by Oh my god human Bunnymund I'm in love

1-4-3 by Lime-Hael on deviantART | Frozen's Elsa, Rise of the Guardians' Jack Frost, and Tangled's Rapunzel | J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter

Jelsa- Elsa and Jack Frost, since you guys like so much of this Jelsa stuff I found some more(: