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Gatsby ! Party !

Party with Gatsby. Everyone wanted to party with Gatsby, even though many of the people didn't know who he was. It was considered en vogue to go to Gatsby's parties and many people talked about them.

great gatsby style

"At small parties there isn't any privacy." I feel like Jordan has a point here, though. Everyone's watching you at small parties.

Gatsby Themed | Party Invite by Julie Long, via Behance. The Art Deco design on top is good

Gatsby Themed Party Invite by Julie Long, via Behance .Why couldn't our prom tickets look like this?


Aint no party like a Gatsby party (Im so excited to see the movie, I designed th

gatsby inspired party!

gatsby inspired party!

The Great Gatsby

Inarguably one of my favorite books of all time, “The Great Gatsby” has stayed with me ever since I read it in high school.