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Friesian.  Hugh's horse.  Ch. 12.  Magic Breaks.

The black stallion! The Friesian horse breed, also knows as Belgian black, is large like a draft horse, but they are graceful and lively. This breed is often used in movies and competitive sports.

Fabulous Horses!  Bril;liant photograph, but I think if I'd been the photographer, I would have been pretty anxious about getting trampled!!! LOL!

Fabulous Horses

Black and White horse - Beautiful photo of white and black horse running on the snow.

Wow, what beautiful paint horse!

The 21 Best Horse Photos Of All Time

Линуc конят c най-дългата опашка и грива - Първи Български Зоопортал

"There were, in the late wild horses still roaming Oregon state in the USA. They were prized for their exceptionally good looks and long manes, hence their being referred to as the 'Oregon Wild Long-haired Wonder Horses.' " I want a Wonder Horse!

21 Ridiculously Photogenic Animals [PICS]

21 Ridiculously Photogenic Animals [PICS]