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Maurizio Savini

Maurizio Savini creates chewing gum sculptures from thousands of chewed up, pink pieces of bubble gum. His chewing gum sculptures have sold for tens of

Kunst mit der Schreibmaschine - die Britin Keira Rathbone.

Celebrated British artist Keira Rathbone creates much of her art using a typewriter. In this digital age Rathbone has decided to use a more old-fashioned tec.


Les étonnantes sculptures en chewing-gum de Maurizio Savini

Italian artist Maurizio Savini in Rome, uses a unique raw material for his sculptures: chewing gum.

Chewing-Gum Sculptures

Italian artist Maurizio Savini , creates amazing sculptures from regular pink chewing gum. The synthetic fleshliness of the pink color, the .

© Jeremy Laffon

French artist Jeremy Laffon creates spiraling towers and sculptures using the humble material of chewing gum, then documents their decline in video and photographs by applying heat to slump the structure.

creative  Camouflage art  - photograph  Benedict Morgan

Le foto-pattern di Benedict Morgan

Benedict Morgan’s “Wallpaper Series” utilizes experimental lighting and camouflaging to perfection, as icons emerge from patterned backgrounds.

Chewing Gum Sculptures by Maurizio Savini

Pink Chewing Gum Sculptures by Italian artist, Maurizio Savini

Banana Sculptures Are Quite A-Peeling

Banana Sculptures - seriously, someone has way too much time on their hands!

Jean-Michel is a Paris based Digital Artist. In his latest works, he has produced digital sculptures of the female form composed of flowers, the Flower Figures.

Modeconnect.com - textile art

An armour, a layer of protection distorting the bodies proportions. Soft tumor-like forms encase the body soft material takes on the role of a hard shell