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Cool Modular Sofa for Kids - Puzzle Sofa by Designskin - Chic Fashion Pins : The Cutest Pins Around!

Some people are straightforward in their decorating plans: they need a couch, they buy a couch, it goes in the corner, you sit on it when you come over to watch the new episode of Mad Men. Others, well, others prefer a bit more function with their form, a bit more style in their substance, a bit more fun in their furniture.

Tetris-Style Multipurpose Furniture

TAT-Tris Modular Seating Brings Tetris to Life, providing fun for kids and adults alike!

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Insieme by Pianca, modular sofa with independent elements and storage _


I pinned this because these look really fun for your child and will keep them very active making it easier for naptime!

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ZipZip Modular Cushions by Pling Collection. They can be connected with zips on all four sides, so there are endless possibilities to build nearly every situation of sitting or laying down comfortably that you can possibly think of.